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We are Peace For The Wild Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

We exist to move Florida wildlife conservation forward and involve it in the ongoing nationwide effort to modernize our way of living and lessen our communities' environmental impact. Our mission is to promote greater compassion, respect, and appreciation for native species.


What We Do

We work with community members and teachers to improve public understanding of native species: How they interact within their ecosystems. How they are affected by environmental and human influences. And how we can create a Florida where both people and nature can thrive for a long time to come.  


Why It's Important

Across the globe, wildlife populations are struggling. We are responsible for handing on the world's wildlife to the next generation. That means increasing awareness of native species and taking care of the lands where they live so there's room for us all to peacefully coexist.



On our Communities page, we've got tons of ways for you to explore and learn about native wildlife:

  • Gain a better understanding of local species and their different ecological roles.

  • Find out which Floridian animals are struggling and discover ways to help populations recover.

  • Find peaceful, simple solutions for common conflicts with neighborhood wildlife.

  • And learn how to work with certain species to solve maintenance issues around your house and your property. 


Our Early Childhood Education program aims to provide students in Florida with greater awareness and appreciation for the wild animals with whom they coexist, and thereby motivate them to value and conserve Florida's wildlife for future generations.

  • Our teacher resources integrate native species learning into current life-science concepts.


  • Resources are currently available for grades K - 5 and always FREE of charge. 

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